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5 Tips to Reduce Your iPhone Application Package Size

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So, are you running out of storage using your iPhone?

If, yes, I can totally understand your situation. You might be feeling like you don’t have any option other than buying a new phone.

But, wait!

There are some ways by which you can help your iPhone from going out of storage.

Let’s go through 5 of them.


  • Remove Old Photos and Videos


There are a number of people who face issues with their iPad or iPhone’s storage. And, for most of them, photos are the main culprits.

The thing is, we keep changing our iPhones on a regular basis, but the photos and the videos keep on getting transferred from one phone to another.

And, nowadays, with advancements of iPhone’s cameras, the high-quality output produces large-sized pictures. Yes, the cameras that come with iPhone 6 and higher models can record slow-motion videos up to 240 frames per second, producing large-sized footages.

Thus, they keep on eating up the remaining space faster than the user can imagine.

But there are options that can help you with this.


  • Using iCloud Photo Library


Using this photo library, you can just upload your old photos and storage space consuming videos to cloud storage freeing up some of the much-required space in your iPhone.

Though there are conditions.

  • You need to have enough of your iCloud storage left.
  • Photos that get streamed online, cannot be viewed with a proper internet connection.

Though the second issue can be solved as the iCloud storage would store your recent photos and also those photos that you access quite often.

Though, whenever the iCloud figures out that you have some extra storage left on your phone, it will start saving them just in your phone’s storage. But if there’s a shortage of space then it will automatically take back the offline images.

So, what you require doing is,

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Select Phone & Camera.
  • Turn on iCloud Photo Library.
  • Select Optimize iPhone/iPad Storage.

So, once you are done with this, the previously mentioned tasks will take place automatically reducing your hassles to a good extent.

  • Also, you can use other cloud storages like Google Photos, Flickr, Amazon, Dropbox etc.


  • Uninstall the Apps That You Don’t Use


This is an obvious thing.

Many of us have such applications in our smartphones that we don’t require often. There are also certain applications that we installed for a purpose and later we forgot uninstalling them.

Such, mobile applications keep on updating themselves with time and keep on feeding on the remaining storage space.

So, iPhone app development companies suggest deleting or uninstalling such apps will save some of the much-needed storage on your phone.

Also, if you are worried about the applications that you have bought, then let me tell you that such applications can be installed later on without paying a penny.


  • Remove and Reinstall Storage Consuming Apps


There might be some applications on your phone that consume a lot of your storage space.

And, the worst part is you require them on a regular basis. But do you require the unnecessary data that they have stored, as well?

Previously saved unnecessary data, especially the cache data feeds on a lot of space that chokes your iPhone’s internal storage.

So, what you can do to get rid of this data is,

  • You can just visit Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Select Storage & iCloud Usage
  • Visit Manage Storage
  • From here you can check how much storage is being consumed by each application. Tap on just any one of them, you will get the delete option.

You can also delete such apps directly from your home screen.

So, now as you have already uninstalled them, you can just install them all over again, just the way you do.


  • Erase Old Messages


iMessage and other normal texts messages also consume a good amount of space from your iPhone’s internal storage.

So, if you overlook clearing them, they will simply keep on adding up year after year consuming a lot of your storage and you will feel like your iPhone is out of space without even knowing this mere reason.

Just keep this thing in mind that the messages that we send to our contacts don’t just consist of texts or images. They contain video content as well. and that’s where the issues get created from.

So, keep only such images that you really require keeping and flush out the rest of them and you’ll feel better looking at your iPhone’s internal storage.


  • Try to Keep Away from Keeping Music and Video in Your Internal Storage


The downloaded music and video stuff eat up a lot of space from your phone’s storage.

So, if you are thinking of ways through which you can clear up your storage space quickly, removing these photo and video files might do the job.

And, if you have purchased photo and video stuff from iTunes, you will always be able to re-download them afterwards. All thanks to the iTunes cloud.

iTunes Cloud allows you to erase music and videos and download them all over again on-demand afterwards — this is the same thing as what you can also do with your installed and bought apps that you had purchased previously.

Yes, most of the stuff that you got on iTunes, is nothing but a fair game as most of the stuff has some license restrictions.

Even though, I’ve barely run into such cases where I could not download a video or music all over again if it has been purchased from iTunes.

Erase what you are not using currently, download them all over again later on when you require them.


In the process of mobile Appzdevelopment, developer has good knowledge of coding. All things are depending on the developer for application package size. In the iOS application development, coding for memory management should be good otherwise apps will use a lot of memory.

So, as we are at the end of this article, I hope this has solved enough of your confusions.

But if you have any queries left, you can just simply give us a call or mail us on our official email id.

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