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App Development Cost | How much an App Cost to Develop?

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Over the last few years, Smartphone users have grown exponentially all over the world. Many people come to mobile application Development companies with an idea of app development. How much it cost to develop an app? This is the first question that is being asked when anyone comes with an app development idea or app development projects begins. Well in any mobile app development budget App Development cost estimate sits very bottom. 

We can only come up with an estimate app development cost, no matter how much you put your efforts to know the exact cost, simply because each app development cost depends on the number of functionalities or involves many factors that collectively influence the final app development cost. Top mobile application development companies have several budgets forming factors on which they decide the cost of app development. So that a client gets an estimate app development cost. Some of the App Development budget forming factors used by Mobile application development company are: 

  • The functionality of an App and its purpose –What functions an app will perform.  
  • The platform on which an App being Developed – The App which is being developed is for iOS platform or Android platform. Whether it is a hybrid or Native mobile App. 
  • Integration points – will an app be integrated with third-party apps that will be the source of its content. 
  • What features will an App Uses – Features like GPS Navigation, NFC technology, motion co-processor also take a crucial part in App development cost? 
  • App Maintenance the final phase –Mobile App Maintenance which is the final phase of the mobile application development process which requires technical support from Mobile App developers. 

But most of Mobile Application Development companies like TechGropse provides three months support and other freebies to make better relations with their clients. 

Average Benchmarks for App Development cost:  

Here are some average benchmarks by Mobile app development companies for app development project costs that we can apply for different types of apps.  For example: 

  • Average cost to develop an iOS app – about $28k 
  • Average cost to develop an Android app – about $23k 
  • Cost of Hiring App Developer the USA – $107k / year 

App Development Cost Benchmarks 

Let’s analyze the App Development cost for Android and iOS platform as most of the Mobile Apps are developed on these two mobile operating systems.

The following chart represents an average value for an app development cost for iOS and Android platforms in different countries. Mobile Applications on iOS platform is expensive as a comparison to a mobile application developed on the Android operating system or it depends on Mobile application development companies. 



 If you are not getting the idea of an app development cost you can contact app development company the USA or request a quote to know the average cost to App Development. 


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