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AI Improved Google News App for iPhone | iPhone App developers

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Google has launched AI improved Google News for iPhone  AI-powered Google News app available for both the iPhone and iPad (and Android), it’s dramatically better than the old Google News app experience. 

New AI-powered Google News Application For iPhone and Android offers personalized content to a user from quality sources and it also ensures that app supports & works for a publisher.  It also seeks to broaden and deepen reader perspectives with “full coverage” of almost every issue. With these interactive features and great user experience it directly competes with Apple’s excellent news app many people are naturally discussing how it compares and whether it will replace Apple News for iPhone owners. The short answer to both questions is no. But I will start using Google News beside Apple News and will likely now drop other news aggregators that are less compelling. 


New Features includes personalized headlines feed with top stories by using history and interest of a user. Google describes it as “a mix of the most important headlines, local news and the latest developments on the topics a user interested in.” 

Features Of Google News Mobile App

The most stand out feature provided by mobile app development company is local news, which was previously introduced on the web with a News redesign last year. Some people online have commented that there’s no comparable local news feature in iPhone News. In iPhone News app a user’s must create a local news favorite/topic to see a structured collection of local news stories in the Apple app. 

Each and every news story will come with an icon to expand into full coverage of news. Full coverage offers a nearly exhaustive array of sources and perspectives on the topic.  As per Google, this will be a real-time, “360-degree view” of news stories and topics. And unlike the personalized feeds elsewhere, everyone sees the same content in full coverage. The Mobile App Development companies call it “the most powerful feature of the app.” 

Readers can open branded publisher” magazine rack” with a Newsstand option in the horizontal navigation at the bottom. Google also says that the new Mobile App was a collaboration between the company and more than 60 publishers.  

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