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iOS 12 App Store how it will Impact your App | iOS App Development Company

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iOS 12 App Store how it will Impact your App

iOS 12 App Store how it will Impact your App

Are you an iOS Developers or looking for iOS app Development? You must be wondering about how the new changes in iOS 12 App Store will affect your apps and iOS App Development 

Apple’s App Store was launched ten years ago and currently has over two million apps with over 170 billion downloads and over $130 billion in revenue. 4.5 Million iOS apps have been released by iOS app development companies on the App Store to date many of which has been removed by iOS app development companies and Apple.  

With iOS 12 App Store build on Apple’s provides better experience and app discovery for users. 

Beta versions of iOS 12 has been released by Apple worldwide to iOS App Developers and testers to try it out and provide their feedback. It won’t be released to end users until Fall 2018. If you’re an app developer or iOS App Development Company, you’ll want to know how these changes are going to affect your app and the App Store so that you can optimize and prepare for these changes. Even if you’re looking for iOS App Development, you might want to get an idea of how Apple’s marketplace will change and how it’s going to affect your customers experience. 

An overview of the changes coming to the iOS 12 App Store. 

  • Customized Content 

You will experience customized content in iOS 12 App Store. Based on your previous downloads you will be recommended apps and games as you open the store. 

Based on your likes and interests instead of generic features about things you will be getting Apple’s stories, spotlights, apps and games of the day. 

  • You May Have Missed 

Anew section called “You May Have Missed” which allows Apple to showcase the most important pieces from the previous days without having them get lost in a sea of updates. 

  • Games For you 

In iOS 12 App Store you will get a customized Games tab with an algorithm instead of a chronological feed where the games you might like are prioritized and shown higher up than the rest. The most popular Apple App Store category is gaming from March 2017. 

  • What’s New in This Version 

New rules for app release notes “What’s New in This Version” section. Now, iOS developers and iOS App Development Companies are required to mention any major releases or changes in the app. With Apple’s new rule, all iOS app developers will have to inform their users about the changes by providing them with actual details about the new release or update. 

Now iOS Developers can only edit release notes when releasing a new version of the app. 

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  • Privacy 

One thing Apple won’t be changing is its privacy policy. iPhone App Development Companies can rest assured that their data and end users’ data will remain private and secured. All the personalized information won’t be shared or sent to Apple’s servers. 

  • System Settings 

iOS Apps that ask their users to disable Wi-Fi, turn off specific security features, or make any modifications to system settings when it’s unrelated to the app’s core functionality will be banned now in iOS 12 App Store. 

  • App Store Imposters 

Apps are also banned from having a store-like interface or an interface that looks like the App Store. They are also not allowed to provide users with the ability to purchase software that they don’t already own. 

All the information here is based on the iOS 12 App Store beta versions announced in early June at the Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference).  if you’re looking for iOS App Development, get an idea from our App Development Consultants that how Apple’s marketplace will change and how it’s going to affect your customers experience. 


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