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Latest Android Version 10.0 Android Q | Android App Development

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Latest Android Version, Android Q.

Latest Android Version, Android Q.

As we are mobile app development company and we develop the Android mobile app. We are too much professional and we take care of what trends are going in the market and according to that trend or the trend following in the market, we are supposed to do our development accordingly, so that we can create and maintain a healthy relationship with customers.

As we all know that current stable Android version is Pie, Android P v. 9.0. The new upcoming Android version is 10.0 and named as Android Q. Its very first preview can be in mid-March and its first public beta can be in May 2019. And the stable release of the same will be on August 2019. Dessert is not yet decided for the Q  android version. If the devices have Oreo version preinstalled, then only they can receive Android Q updates. The version has just been tested on Google Pixel 3.

New-Welcomed Features by Google in Android Q:-

  • Dark Mode:-

The audience will be very happy to know that this Android version has been applied the dark mode to the settings menu, notification, and some other UI elements. Entire Phone and apps will be having a dark theme. This feature will help in reducing glare at night.

  • Permission enhancement:-

The concept of permission set which is described with an updation in this latest Android version is that an app is only allowed to use certain define permission when the app is active. The feature makes this android version is privacy-focused and battery saver.

  • Samsung Dex-like feature:-

This feature is full of excitement, it contains the desktop experience or desktop mode. A user can connect his phone to a larger display, the user interface changes to something resembling a desktop computer. That means a PC is just like a home screen, a start menu, resizable app windows, and the ability to use a keyboard and mouse too. The code of  “Desktop mode” is embedded in this android version code.

  • Smart Screen Lock:-

Two additions included into smart locks in new Android Version are:-

  1.  The first one option lets you use Smart Lock to extend the unlock period of your device (but it won’t unlock your device once it’s locked).
  2.  The second feature simply locks the phone when the trusted companion device is no longer trusted.
  • Screen recording:-

This follows the same process as we take screenshots from by holding the power button, similarly, the screen recording will play this function. And the recording of whatever is going on the screen will be captured.

  • Sim locking by networks:-

The feature includes the strong controlling power of network carriers. The network carriers will be able to lock your phone to specific networks via your SIM card.


Summarized pros:-

Google is working on user privacy and trying to keep privacy very tough in terms of securities and protection. In Android Q the main change or we can say the update is for the privacy many things that are especially related to privacy and security. The privacy is playing the main role in this latest android version, who is doing what on your phone is known to you the great change is this only. For example, if you open your camera app then the notification in the upper slide will say that “App using the camera”. One of the biggest features is Dark Mode. The Dark Mode means making your eye visibility set much more comfort according to you and reduce the glare according to you and night. You have options to select according to your choice.

NOTE:- This is a privacy focus update and this is fantastic for those who worry about android privacy. And many additional features are also included which can be elated for audience.

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